Micro Market

Customizable Micro Market Options

Griesedieck Micro Markets Offer a Wider, Healthier Selection

Micro market vending services with customizable menus, soups, sandwiches, meals, salads, coffee, beverages and healthy snacks are a great alternative to standard vending machines, which are generally stocked with fattening snacks.  Griesedieck Vending Company introduces a new concept in food vending solutions.  Our micro market provides an exceptional alternative to break room, snack vending—specifically, lower fat, lower calorie, healthier, fresh foods, sides, and complete meals.

Setting Up Your Griesedieck Micro Market

Griesedieck Vending will set up your customized micro market and keep your selections stocked.  We have beverage dispensers, coolers, freezers, display shelving, and other equipment to set up a small or a larger break room eatery that will offer a large selection of alternative foods.  We make it easy for companies to provide healthier alternatives.

Companies really only need a few things to start operations:

  • A room with enough space for the products
  • Power for coolers, freezers, coffee dispensers, lighting, display cases, video surveillance camera(s), and the self-payment kiosk
  • An Internet connection for the payment kiosk

Customizable Micro Market Food Selections

We can customize your food selections, inventory items, fresh foods, beverages, breakfast foods, salads, wraps, deli sandwiches, specialty items, and other products.  You can even monitor sales to figure out the types of items that sell well.  Your options are almost limitless.

You can choose healthier food alternatives including crisp salads, fruits, juices, low-fat or low-calorie selections, and even a wide range of “health and wellness” items, Vegan, vegetarian, fixed calorie, or even ethnic food options.  Your new customize-able micro market eatery will deliver better quality, healthier, fresher food for employees or patrons.

Griesedieck Vending Company provides equipment set up and inventory stocking services.  

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